Need service?

A vintage B-3

Does your vintage Hammond need service? Our independent service technicians have combined experience of over 70 years repairing and servicing vintage Hammond organs. Simply give us a call at 877-432-5700 or e-mail us with the subject: "Need Service"

Need a part or an accessory?

We are currently devoloping our on-line store,, where you will be able to purchase Leslie cables, Hammond Tone Generator Oil, Leslie connection kits, Leslie switches, 5 to 6 pin cables, 6 to 11 pin Leslie adaptors, 11 to 6-pin adaptors, B-3 Bench pads, B-3 Covers, Leslie Covers, Organ benches, piano benches, Roll or Karri organ dollies, etc.  For now, you will have to call us for these items but in the near future they will all be listed here and for sale at
 Call Us Toll-Free at 877-432-5700