About our showroom...

The New Hammond Central Showroom is located in Burbank, California in one of the most state-of-the-art recording/post-production theatrical studios in the United States.  Due to the nature of our showroom's dual purpose all visits are by appointment.  The sound qualities in this studio are remarkable, as is the setting, making a visit to the Hammond Central showroom a very unique and rewarding experience.  If you would like to see and play the Hammond New B-3 Mk. II, the Portable New B-3, the XK-3C Keyboard and other Pro-Line gear.  Or, if you want to audition the 122XB, 971, 3300, or 2100 series Leslie speakers, they are available in our showroom.

Please understand that you are more than welcome to pay us a visit but you must call 877-432-5700 to set an actual appointment.  Our policies regarding our showroom and product pricing are further explained on our "About Internet Sales" page.

Note: The former Hammond Central Showroom in Carson, California is closed effective November 1, 2009.
 Call Us Toll-Free at 877-432-5700