the Hammond a-405 chapel console organ

The Hammond A-405 Chapel Console OrganHi, this is Cliff Unruh, owner of Hammond Central.  I have always said that the now discontinued Hammond A-305 was the absolute best value in the entire Hammond Organ line.  When I first saw the prototype Hammond A-405 in January, 2009, I was quite excited about its prospects.  Little did I know that what I saw back then was only a small hint of what the A-405 would ultimately become.  I kept hearing rumors that as it was being developed, it was simply getting better and better.  Believe me when I say that the Hammond A-405 is, beyond any doubt, the best value today in the entire Hammond Organ line and Hammond Central holds the disctintion of having sold the very first one in the USA. Why am I so excited about this organ?

New Sampling Technology
A-405 Control CenterNow using the same sound engine as the Hammond New B-3, the A-405 captures not only the sound and feel of a Hammond Tone Wheel Organ but has recreated the idiosyncrasies of the electro-mechanical tone wheel generator, such as the Drawbar foldbacks at the top and bottom octaves, the variances in key click, and the effect of overdriving an amplifier. The overall impression of the A-405 is the sound and feel of the B-3 right down to the six-position Vibrato and Chorus Control Knob.

The A-405 can perform in virtually any MIDI environment. SEND and RECEIVE channels are programmable. And the manuals can be "mapped" to selectively play the internal voices or voices from a connected MIDI device.

Extra Voice
The A-405 contains a complete General MIDI-compatible voice library consisting of over 880 newly sampled, hiA-405 Presets and Extra Voicegh-quality sounds such as Stereo Grand Piano, Stereo Strings, even a new breathy Stereo Saxophone. In addition, 56 drum kits are provided to further enhance your playing.

Nine programmable Presets are available for Swell, Great and Pedal divisions . These can be easily programmed with your own settings.

Flash Drive
A-405 flash drive and screenUsing the flash drive, you can record and store your own Preset Banks or complete performances, as well as play back Standard MIDI File data.  Each player can store his/her personal presets and sequences to their own flash card this making the A-405 truly flexible when several players share the instrument.

Improved Power and Fidelity
An improved, high-quality digital Leslie is provided, with adjustments for Slow and Fast Speeds, Rise, Fall and Brake Times, and even Microphone Settings. The amplifier (100 watts) and speaker system (1-15" bass woofer, 2-8" full-range, and 2-2" tweeters) have been upgraded to provide improve power and remarkable fidelity.  For larger venues, the model 971 Leslie Speaker cabinet is recommended for use with the A-305: however, any 11-pin Leslie Speaker cabinet can be used. The rotors can be operated in three modes - Off, Slow or Fast.

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