The New b-3

The New B-3
Hammond Creates Organ History In 1975, the last of the tone-wheel B-3's were manufactured and an era came to an end. Even so, the B-3 has maintained its identity as the standard for organ sound in Popular, Jazz and Gospel musical arenas. Now, after nearly 30 years, comes the start of a new era with the New B-3. Every single playing aspect of the original B-3 has been carefully and meticulously recreated. The look, the feel, the sound… it's all here to a degree never before imagined.

New B-3 "info center"Digital Tone Wheel™
Sound Engine The New B-3 utilizes a brand-new digital tone-generating system to faithfully replicate all the sound characteristics of the tone-wheel generator. Even the actual temperament of the scale is captured exactly - all of the intervals "beat" exactly as they do on a tone-wheel B-3. All 91 pitches are continuously generated and ready to sound at any time.

B-3 Controls and Reverse Preset KeysPlaying Controls
 All of the switches, tablets and other controls function exactly as on the original B-3. Four sets of Hammond Harmonic Drawbars™ plus two Pedal Drawbars. Tilting control tablets for Volume, Vibrato and Touch-Response Percussion™. Six-position Vibrato and Chorus knob. Latching Preset Keys. Even the old-style "bat-handle" Power and Motor Control toggle switches are present. Every detail has been considered in order to make the New B-3 and the old B-3 indistinguishable from each other in sound and performance.

Wire Key ContactsDirect Analog Keying™
A crucial aspect of the performance of the B-3 is the key contact system. When a key is depressed, it closes nine small electrical contacts, each to their corresponding buss bar. Each contact causes one of the Drawbar pitches to sound. For the New B-3, Hammond has created a brand-new, patented key switch assembly called Direct Analog Keying™. Each playing key contains 9 contacts that "make" and "break" individually, allowing each Drawbar harmonic to sound separately. The "key click" therefore is produced exactly the same way as it is on a tone-wheel Hammond Organ - there is no need to sample a key click sound and add it in.

The 971 Leslie SpeakerLeslie Ready
 Any 11-pin Leslie can be used with the New B-3. Two Leslie connectors are provided to allow Main/Echo switching between two or more Leslies. For optimum performance, we recommend either the 122XB or the 971 model Leslie Speaker. For churches and other live venues the best companion to the New B-3 is the 971 due to its tremendous power.  For those wishing to stay with tube amplification, the 122XB is a fine alternative.

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