The Internet sale of organs, leslies & keyboards

Hammond Suzuki, USA has gone out of its way to preserve a customer-oriented dealer and service network.  In the days before the Internet, the sale of an organ, keyboard or Leslie speaker was handled by a local dealer who, in turn, was responsible for any warranty issue that would arise.  Today, the situation has changed substantially.  There are "dealers" everywhere on the Internet if one is willing to look long and hard enough. Some of them are legitimate others are not.  What constitutes a "legitimate" dealer?  A legitimate dealer has a stake in, as well as genuine concern for, his customer's future. Consequently, every sale made by a legitimate dealer must be balanced; the price must be fair and competitive yet reasonable enough that the dealer can actually afford to provide the post-sale support the customer deserves.  This is what Hammond Suzuki, USA is having to continually monitor and control.  They have, we believe, come up with a fair and workable solution.

Hammond Suzuki, USA has divided their products and dealers into three separate classes: organs, Leslies, and Pro-Line.  A dealer offering all three classes of product is know as a full-line dealer.  Under their agreement with Hammond Suzuki, organ dealers can only market and sell organ products within a specified geographic territory. Pro-Line dealers are not limited to the territorial restrictions nor are Leslie dealers but both are limited as to how they may market on the Internet.  Hammond Suzuki strongly discourages the sale of Pro-Line and Leslie products below their established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).  This is done to preserve the dealer network.  Quite frankly, no dealer could exist as well as maintain an inventory selling below MAP anyway. Hammond Central is a full-line dealer.  In fact, we are the only full-line (or organ only) dealer authorized to sell organs in all of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, part of Nevada.  A dealer from outside our market area selling an organ within our market area is in breach of their agreement with Hammond Suzuki, USA and is, consequently, selling a "gray market" product with a warranty limited only to parts and only through Hammond Suzuki, USA in Chicago.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Consequently, as you visit our pages you will have the opportunity to purchase some items on-line. Organs, however, are purchased through Hammond Central both within our market area and, after first securing permission from Hammond Suzuki USA, nationally.  If there is not a Hammond Organ dealer in your area, please feel free to contact us about pricing.  We can, as Hammond Suzuki's largest dealer, provide a competitive price together with Hammond Central's superb post-sales service. Hammond Central customers receive a parts and labor warranty, by the way.  Call us for more details.
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