the pro xk system

Pro XK System without pedals or bench
Like the XK-Traditional, The XK-Professional System allows our single manual organ models XK-3 or XK-3c to be converted to a double-manual console-style organ without any modifications to the XK-3 or XK-3c. It happens without tools or technical experience. The organ separates intoPro XK System 2 parts plus the stand, and the stand collapses for easy transport. A “B-3” style 25-note pedalboard and bench are available to match. When the XK Pro is assembled, it has the same “proportions” as a B-3.


MAP as above:  $4,845.00 - With full pedals and matching bench:  $7,735.00
Call us for competitive pricing on the entire system or individual components.  Studio units available as well.  Call Hammond Central today!

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Special Note:  We are the authority on the Hammond XK Pro and Traditional Systems and have the various independent component parts (Lower manual, XK-3C, stand, bench, bass pedals, etc.) available.  If you want to learn more you should call and ask for Cliff.

the following Individual XK Pro Components are available at our on-line store:

  • XK-3C Single Manual Organ
  • XLK-C Lower Manual      
  • XK Pro Stand
  • XK Pro/Traditional Style Bass Pedals
  • XK Pro Bench
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